Yesteryear, vacuum manufacturers seemed to care more about the quality of their products and their reputation.

Now, (in my opinion) they don't! 

Why should they?  The more their products break the more they sell.


Right?         Wrong!


If people get burned by a large corporation (or small business) too many times, they don't come back!

We, on the other hand, want you to come back.

Happy & Smiling!

Therefore it is truly sad that, as a repairman, I can recommend only TWO vacuums out of hundreds of models, but two is better than none.  Right?

These vacuums have passed my test for durability, versatility, usability & most important: FILTRATION!

I see many vacuums come in for repair and let me tell you, there are serious flaws in the design and structure of most of today's vacuums:

Motors that burn up and bodies that melt down!

Vacuums that blow out more dust than they take in.... (well almost)

Except for Two, Remember?

So click on the computer and