This page is dedicated for my customers only. No doubt you bought a Bissell Lift-Off from me or you would never have found this page. It is for you to help solve problems on your Bissell Vacuum. It is updated when new tips and tricks are discovered.

The following "Trick" is for when your Bissell Liftoff is running but the brush wont go around and you know that the belt is not broken.

There is a little micro switch that runs the "foot" motor that runs the brush roll. Sometimes that micro switch becomes recalcitrant and does not allow the brush motor to work. If you suspect this to be the case then compare the photo below to your machine when the handle is released.

When you have found the little switch in the picture on your vacuum then plug in your vacuum and turn it on.  While the main suction motor is running place your finger over the switch and push it repeatedly and rapidly.  Within 10 pushes your brush motor should start working again. If this solves the problem, GREAT. You're done and can go back to cleaning your house. If after 20 pushes it is still not working then there is another problem. Call me for a repair appointment to take care of any other problem that might be causing the brush motor to stop. Contact info can be found HERE. Our hours HERE Driving directions can be found HERE.  If you need parts click HERE.